eefit lite

Fairy Magic in a Pen

Pink Cloud Affair proudly presents eefit lite, a versatile and transformational tool to up your beauty and health quotient!

eefit lite emits specific vibrational frequencies via 630 nm visible red light that penetrates into the acupuncture points and bones of human bodies through resonance effect. The non-invasive and non-irritating light radiates energies which help dilate capillaries, enhance micro circulation, detoxify lymphatic system and revitalise cells.

The stylishly designed Eefit Lite is super handy and safe to use any time, anywhere!


Pink Cloud Affair魅幻推介eefit Lite依飛神筆。這是一款多功能、全方位的專利工具,集美容及養生功效於一身。讓你瞬間煥發時尚精靈的誘人神采!

eefit Lite由於共振效應,神筆光有主動追蹤經絡/穴位的效果,加上利用可見630nm紅光作為媒介,可以更深入組織及骨骼;非侵入性和非刺激性。神筆輸出的能量,使微血管擴張、增強淋巴循環、加速新陳代謝能力、幫助身體排出毒素、修復細胞,從而啟動自身自癒能力。

設計時尚的eefit Lite超級方便,可以隨時隨地安全使用!