About Pink Cloud Affair

An odyssey of Femininity and Fairy Spirit
Pink Cloud Affair conjures up a fairy wonderland of whimsical, one of a kind, handcraft creations and vintage treasures dedicated to the ultra feminine and fairy-spirited women. It is a small solo enterprise online shop run by me, Chief Cloud Fairy, blessed with the most talented design and craft fairies.

The Magic
Cloud Fairies comprises an enchanting collection of lace scarves and dresses, Fairycaps and Fairybands handcrafted lovingly by the fairies at the Atelier with vintage and modern textiles and embellishments sourced from the around the world.

A Cloud Fairies Woman is a juxtaposition of modernity and retro spirit, a wanderlust romantic at heart, ultra feminine and confident. She adores the little beautiful things in life and chooses to express her uniquely fairy style with charming and whimsical accessories.

Past, Present, Future
I adore everything beautiful, handcrafts and vintage.
As a little girl, I always had an urge of expressing my unique style by making dresses for my Barbie dolls. My passion for sewing, knitting and embroidery was inspired by Auntie Francis, my mother's younger sister, who is incredibly talented in the crafts. I have also inherited my mother's prevailing attitude on details and her 'no compromise' way of taking care of the household, her daughter and two sons.

I am constantly inspired by my travel, visits to vintage markets, meetings with fascinating people, as well as appreciation of art and design.

Now here I am, a dreamer , creative director and hand crafter exploring a new horizon of self expressions and sharing my joy of fashion design and stitching via the Pink Cloud Affair universe. Who knows what the future will bring?