About Pink Cloud Affair

Pink Cloud Affair is a collection of luxurious, handmade, one-of-a-kind accessories for the modern and elegant woman. Born of the artisanal talent and unique sense of aesthetics of our Chief Cloud Fairy, it showcases vintage and contemporary lace in unique ways, lovingly embellished, to create delightfully practical yet whimsical pieces.

Chief Cloud Fairy adores everything beautiful, handcrafted, and vintage.

As a little girl, she always expressed her unique style by making dresses for her Barbie dolls. Auntie Francis, her mother's younger sister and incredibly talented in the crafts, inspired her passion for sewing, knitting, and embroidering. Chief Cloud Fairy also inherited her mother's prevailing attitude towards details and her 'no compromise' way of taking care of the household, her daughter, and two sons.

Chief Cloud Fairy's travels, visits to vintage markets, meetings with fascinating people, and appreciation of art and design inspire her.

A dreamer, creative director, and handcrafter, Chief Cloud Fairy is exploring a new horizon of self-expression and sharing her joy of fashion design and stitching via the Pink Cloud Affair universe. The future is limitless and full of wondrous possibilities.

Explore Pink Cloud Affair's world of luxe decorative mask covers, scarves, caps, and headbands.