eefit lite 依飛神筆 (Limited Edition*)
eefit lite 依飛神筆 (Limited Edition*)
eefit lite 依飛神筆 (Limited Edition*)
eefit lite 依飛神筆 (Limited Edition*)

eefit lite 依飛神筆 (Limited Edition*)

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$3,280.00 HKD

Model No 型號
EF902MKII (Pink) 
EF903MKII (Orange)
EF905MKII (Aqua)

* Limited edition available exclusively at Pink Cloud Affair
   限量版只於PinkCloud Affair有售

Benefits 功效

  • Improves microcirculation and boosts metabolism 促進新陳代謝和血液微循
  • Soothes all kinds of pain and discomfort 舒緩身體各種疼痛和不適症狀
  • Relieves inflammation caused by insect bites 舒緩蚊叮蟲咬所引起的紅腫及疼痛
  • Promotes absorption of external pain relief medication or skin care products 增強皮膚對外用藥膏或護膚品的吸收力
How to use 建議用法
  • Point the light source on the required area and shine the EEFit Lite by adhering it directly to the skin surface or about 1cm away from the skin 將光源對準有需要的地方,貼住皮膚或隔空1厘米進行照射
  • The exposure time can generally be between 5 – 15 minutes 照射時間一般5至15分鐘不等
  • It will be more effective to use in conjunction with acupoints and meridians 可配合人體穴位使用
Cautions 注意事項
  • The red light emitted is a non-laser light, which is safe to use even on the eyes and other parts of the body 本產品發射之紅光非鐳射光,對眼睛和身體都安全
  • It is suitable for everyone in the family 全家大小可放心使用

Product Specifications 產品規格

Diameter 直徑: 14.5mm
Length 長度: 142mm
Weight 重量: 44g
LED Light Wavelength, LED 波長: 630nm<
DC Power Supply 直流電源輸入: 5V
Frequency 閃動频率: 8.6Hz
USB Charging Port, USB插頭充電

Battery 電池規格
Li-Ion 10440c battery 電池
3.7V 320 mah

Lifetime 使用壽命
The projected lifetime of the energy light and battery is up to 10 years. 能量燈和電池兩者使用壽命可達十年
The charging time is about 45 to 60 minutes. 充電時間約45至60分鐘
When fully charged, it can be used continuously for 12 hours. 充滿電可連續使用12小時

Safety 使用安全

Manufacturer's Warranty 原廠保用
2 years 年

Certified Technology 技術認證 
The technology is certified in 5 countries and regions: Hong Kong, USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan. 5個國家地區技術: 香港、美國、德國、日本、台灣

Made in Japan 日本製造