Sandy Lace Veil Fairymask
Sandy Lace Veil Fairymask

Sandy Lace Veil Fairymask

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$680.00 HKD

Model: FM69000

Fairy Notes

Sandy’s beaming yellow and orange lace combination is like warm rays of sunshine. Soak up the energy from this duo and wear it with either colour on top.

Colour: Yellow and Orange

Material: Lace

Size: Approximately 17.5 cm W x 15 cm H

Characteristics: Variations in style, texture, and embellished details are unique features of this handcrafted product. 

Care: Hand wash with mild soap and lay flat to dry. Keep out of direct sunlight.

Processing time: 5 to 7 working days. 

Shipment: Every Tuesday and Thursday. Free local shipping. International shipping costs will be quoted separately.